... how it began


I’m a Certified Advanced Rolfer® and Rolf Movement® Practioner even before a severe accident when I broke my spine I was interested in the special construction of the support of our life – our back bone.

What is that thing that is carrying us? How is it carrying us and how and what is lifting us into the upright position? I dived into the principle of Tensegrity and how the vertebras interact with each other. In combination with the idea of Palintonicity I created the first model.

I started on the carpet of my living room with a cordless screwdriver and a small padsaw to understand how the vertebras interplay with each other and how they levitate ontop of each other like a hammock.




I puzzled and screwed around so long until I understood how the construction was operating. I used this model now to present the principle of a floating spine to my clients. They adopted so quick and opened their mindset to the idea to try out something new and different than before.

In my yoga workshops they looked at me a little bit irritated: it’s so easily to be seen when I demonstrate a tensegrale movement when I hold the model in my hands …
The participants can observe and experience the posture of a collapsed spine when they bent too strong. By touching and watching they get a deeper understanding of posture and movement.

I received more and more requests from colleagues, clients and participants of my workshops so I decided to redesign
and produce this sculpture for your desk in small amounts
and sell it.

I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do when I work with it and you will discover a new sense of support for your life.

Gerald Kaufmann


Advanced Rolfing® in Munich